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Poems and Other Writing

Poems and Creative Non-fiction

"Extractions" (non-fiction prose) in Ploughshares, Spring 2023

"By Chocolate" (poetry) Ploughshares, Spring 2022

"Empathy test" MacDowell Fellowship, May 2020

Three poems translated into Spanish by Frances Simán in Santa Rabia Poetry, Peru

"Still Life with Placenta and Cherry Tree," "Gentian," and "In Praise of Fungi" in Poems in Plant-Human Quarterly/Otherwise Collective

"Audio Archive of Poems" in From the Fishouse

"Self as Goat in Tree" in Academy of American Poets

"The House" in Plume

"Vulning Pelican: Triple Elegy" in Poetry Daily


"50th Birthday" in North American Review


"Blessing" in Academy of American Poets

"John Cale's 75th Birthday Concert, NYC" and "Vulning Pelican: Triple Elegy" in New Letters


"Ode to Hands," co-translated with Juan Suárez Proaño: Plume, February 2024

"The Little Square," "Between the wheat wells and the bridal mirrors," and "Harmonia Mundi" by Liliana Ursu, Modern Poetry in Translation​, 2013

Interviews and Conversations

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